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Sky Lantern
Sky Lantern Sky Lantern Sky Lantern

Sky Lantern

Light-up the night with wishes to the stars as beautiful sky lanterns are released


Light-up the night with wishes to the stars

Each lantern is a miniature hot air balloon that inflates with heat in about 20 seconds of being lit and then floats silently and serenely into the sky. The lanterns date back hundreds of years in Asian customs, with many people making a wish as the lantern is released, believing their troubles are carried away with the magical glow. Anyone who is lucky enough to have witnessed an Asian celebration where these lanterns are released will know just how enchanting the effect is.

Although a Sky Lantern is beautiful, one is rarely enough - they make an elegant and exquisitely peaceful alternative to fireworks at any celebration or gathering, with all guests wanting to join in, and the more released together, the more entrancing the effect, as they drift up to 1500 metres high, staying alight for up to 20 minutes. Few people in England have seen them before, so they are likely to be the highlight of any Christmas or New Year celebration and will guarantee your party is talked about for years to come.
Made from biodegradable, fire-retardant (mulberry) paper, the lanterns burn out in the sky before drifting harmlessly back to earth, but obviously, it is important they are only used by responsible adults and should not be released in windy conditions, anywhere there are overhead trees or power cables, or within five miles of an airport.

  • 90cm
  • Biodegradable
  • Fire-retardant
  • Can drift up to 1500 metres high
  • Can stay alight for up to 20 minutes


always a winner. Easy to use. (Not competitively priced though apparently!)
Review by Maddy Orme 05/12/2012

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