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Star Wars R2-D2™ Desktop Vacuum

Star Wars R2-D2™ Desktop Vacuum

This R2-D2™ Desktop Vacuum is the droid you're looking for, so set it to work!


Star Wars astromech droids are great maintenance bots, but aside from a brief stint as a waiter in Return of the Jedi, R2-D2™ never really did a lot of chores. You can change that today with this mini R2 desk droid that's more than happy to hoover up any dust and loose crumbs you have hanging around your work station. Simply plug him into a USB port, then press the button on his head and R2 springs into action, sucking up any dirt you roll him over. If he's good enough to serve Jedi masters, then we're certainly happy to have him by our side on cleaning duties.
  • Star Wars desktop vacuum cleaner
  • Shaped like R2-D2
  • Press head to start and stop vacuum
  • Perfect for dust and crumbs
  • USB powered
  • 13.5cm tall



Brillant gadget, works well, really pleased with it
Review by Lisa 07/11/2016
Bought as a jokey present for son who's a very messy gamer!!! But was surprised to find it actually works!! Still have to clean sons desk ( he's obviously far too busy ) but at least it's more fun now with R2D2 helping!!!!
Review by Manicmum 01/03/2016
A must for all Star Wars freaks! I got it as a present for one and he loved it!
Review by Cal 24/02/2016
I bought this as a Xmas gift for a very messy young man who tends to eat meals and snacks in front of his PC, so I haven't been able to play with it myself, but it looks great in the box and as a Star Wars nerd I don't see a more useful function for USB port!
Review by Jane 06/12/2015
Great fun gadget, works really well.
Review by Jen 24/11/2015

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