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Star Wars Stormtrooper Hand Warmers

Star Wars Stormtrooper Hand Warmers

Click the buttons inside these Stormtrooper™ Hand Warmers to heat them up and keep you toasty


The never ending hordes of Imperial Stormtroopers™ have demonstrated their uses for many situations over the course of the Star Wars films. They provide perfect targets for rebel forces, can be reliably trusted to not hit the good guys they're tasked to shoot, and now they're able to warm up your hands in seconds! Flex the metal buttons in this pair of Stormtrooper™ Hand Warmers to trigger an impressive exothermic reaction that sets the gel inside solid and instantly warms each pouch up to 52 degrees. The warmth lasts for hours if slipped inside your gloves or pockets to keep your toasty when it's cold. Each pack contains one white trooper helmet and a chrome Captain Phasma helmet design.
  • Pair of Star Wars hand warmers
  • Stormtrooper™ and Captain Phasma designs
  • Activates in seconds
  • Gel pouches turn solid and heat up to 52 degrees C
  • Easy to reset for future uses
  • Hand warmers 9cm wide



Just for the man that has everything ;)
Review by Evey 10/12/2016

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