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Clockwork toys to suit all tastes

We have loads of clockwork toys for all your needs, whether you’re filling party bags, looking for play things or want your own marching toy army. There are clockwork toys for everyone here.

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Clockwork toys in all shapes and sizes

Find the perfect wind up toy today. Hawkin’s Bazaar is home to dozens of brilliant clockwork toys in just about every guise you could imagine! From animals and insects to robots and vehicles, we’ve got the wind up movers for you. We even have a selection of water-based toys that swim and sail that are great in the bath.

Clockwork toys have been a big part of our business for the last few decades. Toys and trends may come and go, but there always seems to be places for a wind up toy. They are perfect in party bags as well as Christmas stockings, or just a treat you can pick up with your pocket money.

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Pick up a wind up toy from our clockwork collection

Of course, if you’re looking for something else then you can find hundreds of other toys nestled away in our terrific collection. From electronic pets and flying toys to some real classics similar to the wind up toy range featured above, you can find some fantastically fun gifts at Hawkin today.

Don’t forget, we can offer next day delivery on all clockwork toys; just order before our delivery cut-off window. We can also offer a free delivery service if certain spending thresholds are met. For more information, take a look at our delivery information page.

Clockwork toys never go out of style!