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Electronic Pets

Power up these electronic pets for hours of fun

Switch on these electronic pets and they may chirp, twitch, move or even swim for your amusement. They’re lots of fun and really easy to look after; just change the batteries every so often!

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These electronic pets are fun to care for and easy to keep

Kids always love pets, but sometimes it’s just not practical to have a new puppy or kitten running around the house. These electronic pets are ideal, as they come to life and behave like real animals put can be put to sleep at night and only wake up again at the press of a button!

Electronic Pets

Just feed these electronic pets a set of batteries and watch as they spring into action, moving, barking, swimming and even walking. Each electronic pet has their own distinctive set of characteristics and movements that make them great fun to collect.

If you’re looking for something a little more specific, then you can find our full collection of electronic birds on our DigiFriends page, which is flush with electronic pet versions of chicks, owls, penguins and more!