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Welcome to the Hawkin’s Bazaar joke shop — it’s a prankster’s paradise! Get your own back on the particularly mischievous devils in your life with a hilarious prank or two from our online joke shop.

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(24 Items)

We're not joking - our range is hilarious!

As gross as it is, everyone chuckles at toilet humour, no matter what their age. Our selection of fake dog poo, whoopee cushions and fart machines are sure to gain a few laughs. We’ve got the timeless jokes covered too. Pick up some dodgy dentures, black eye telescopes and chattering teeth. Or why not get the whole package with our classic jokes joke box?

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You can even get your pets in on the comedy capers with our hilarious dog lips chew toy, which gives your pup a Hollywood smile! How funny you find our pranks and jokes depends on whether you are the prankster or the victim! Show your sense of humour and shop our practical joke shop today!