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We’re suckers for all things retro here at Hawkin’s Bazaar. That’s why we’ve taken everyone’s favourite retro toys from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s and dropped them into our awesome retro toys range.

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Enjoy a blast from the past with our fun retro toys

Remember how long you used to spend in battle with your toy soldiers? With our army troopers, your children can experience the same hours of fun and entertainment that you did — or you could even re-enter the war yourself! We have all of the timeless classics, from bells and spinning tops to jack-in-the-box toys, so you can tear your child away from the gadgets and give them a traditional childhood.

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Retro Toys

With space hoppers, stylophones, potato guns and more, fun is guaranteed with our top range of retro toys and games. Our range is not just for kids though. You’re never too old to enjoy these toys that will never cease to be cool. Shop the collection today! Check out our full range of retro items and visit our retro gifts page too.