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Toy Cars

Top toy cars for any tiny driver

Miniature speed demons and tiny petrol heads alike will love the selection of toy cars we have here at Hawkin’s Bazaar.

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Cars: The timeless toy

We have something to suit all ages. Our more robust toys will fit perfectly in even the smallest of hands, while still providing hours of fun. For those who want a slice of the F1 action, our McLaren, Ferrari and Red Bull wrist racers are ideal. They’re super speedy and are controlled by handy wrist-mounted remotes.

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Toy Cars

We even have tracks for our toy cars for kids. From the mini loop the loop to the daredevil raceway, our courses will challenge even the most professional of racers. For the big kids at heart, we stock miniature versions of some of our favourite vehicles, like the compact Mini Cooper. Whether you’re looking for toy cars for boys or toy cars for girls, you’ll find everything you need in our brilliant range. Buy today! Looking for more cars? Check out our range of remote controlled cars too!