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Boys will love our super-fun range

If it flies, drives or shoots, you will find it in our toys for boys range! We have all sorts of boy toys, including our spectacular range of remote controlled cars and helicopters, so you can find the perfect toy to keep little dudes occupied!

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All little boys are fascinated by anything that shoots. That’s why our collection of kids toys for boys includes everything from spud guns to mounted disc shooters — perfect for keeping even the smallest of soldiers happy! Keep him occupied with one of our super-cool games, like whack a mole, table-top football and space pinball! Or let him get creative with one of our mechanic model sets.

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Toys for Boys

Catering for a cheeky chap or practical prankster? We have a range of novelty products that he will love, including chattering teeth, whoopee cushions and hand buzzers. We’ve tested all of our toys for him with our dedicated team of man-children, who are always happy to give the toys a whirl for several hours to ensure they meet our internal cool quota. Now you know they’re fun, shop our brilliant range today!