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The Many Uses of RC Drones with Cameras

Drone photography is an emerging field that is getting more and more popular in all walks of life. As well as affordable entry-level drones, expert photographers can now take stunning aerial imagery with advanced drone technology.

Here are some of the most interesting uses of drone photography that you can get involved in, and some even more impressive uses from across the globe!

Aerial Mapping

Most people use drones to get a picture of the land around them. Drones give you full access to hard to reach areas and dynamic terrain like mountain ranges and cliff-laden coastal areas. You can use these pictures and videos to build maps of areas you’d like to explore.

Selling a house

Drone photography and videography are being used by real estate professionals to sell properties by creating high definition footage of every angle of the home. It’s also useful for a homeowner looking to make renovations – just fly the drone over your home to spot different areas you might want to improve.


Amazon pioneered a program that used drones to deliver products. While the service failed to take off (pardon the pun), other drone delivery services will no doubt surface in the near future. They’ve already been used for disaster relief and medical supply drops. More controversially, they’ve also been under fire for delivering narcotics into prisons.

Impossible experiments

Not something we’d recommend with your own shiny new drone, but explorer Sam Cossman used a drone to fly across an inaccessible volcano that was toxic to human life. The footage captured permitted scientists to model volcano craters more completely than previously possible. However, the drones met their demise thanks to extreme heat and unstable air.

News Reporting

Drones are being used by journalists to capture video footage from disaster areas and war zones without placing a human under risk. In another controversial case, paparazzi were banned from flying drones on private property to capture images of celebrities against their will.

First person view

As a hobbyist, you can enjoy first person aerial photography as if you’re flying. All you need to do is buy a special pair of goggles that interact with your drone and let you view the flight as if you’re part of the drone itself.

Search and rescue

Whether its disaster zone searching or seeking out missing persons, drones have helped across the globe in search and rescue operations. Police in Virginia struggled to locate a missing person for three days until an amateur drone pilot found him in just 20 minutes!


San Francisco company Airware deployed a drone in 2013 that was tasked with monitoring Kenya’s Ol Pejeta Conservancy for rhino poachers. Surveillance as a whole is an industry that is greatly benefiting from drone technology for a number of reasons. Drones are smaller than aircraft, hard to spot, easy to deploy, low cost and easy to camouflage.

If you’d like to get started in RC Drone photography, you can pick up an affordable drone from our store. Just don’t go piloting it into any volcanoes!